I’m different. My Mum always said I was and not always in a good way.

But when it comes to being a Manchester photographer who’ll travel the world to capture those perfect moments, then different is good.

Different makes the difference.

It’s my expertise, my experience, my purpose.

Remember that time pre-digital?

Yeah I was taking photos then. No fancy computer software. No fully auto everything tech.

I know that to get the perfect shot, you don’t just have to adjust settings and bend the rules.

You sometimes have to break them.

It’s my commitment and dedication too. 4am shoots. Cross-country travel at short notice. Someone who’ll do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot? Yeah, that’s me.

And it’s my personality and perfectionism. The attitude behind the camera. The jokes, the laughter, the trust. Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait until everyone is ready.

And then I wait some more. I come back when the weather is better. When the timing is spot on. When the setting is just right.

Just to capture that one perfect shot.

Ready to work with a different photographer from Manchester (wherever you are in the world?)

Let’s do it!


Jay Cain photographer

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